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I am Amrita Kaur  village Ambah Distt Kargone state Madhya Pradesh. I  belong to Sikh Shikligar parents, who have no job or other income sources to make me study.I f you help me then I can also brighten my future with education and get a good job. Today's educated child will become tomorrow's educated mother creating an educated nation.

name: Amrita Kaur

class: 1st

roll number: 25

school: prestige high school Bediya Kargone

principal: Rk  Sharma

admision fees: 2000 Rs

regular fees: 7000 Rs

bus fare: 4500Rs

total        13500Rs


Please click on paypal or ideal for   

For more details contact us 

Tele /whatsapp :0031645462641 

We welcome you to donate
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