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Cancellations of membership


As indicating by British counsil uk and Marco foundation Bhai sohan singh khalsa that Rahul singh is missusing the Kssh fund as well as sangat donation

We inquired into the whole matter that kssh tranferred him 100000Rs ,Rahul singh spent these donation on three projects ,1.Mitth singh shop 36510Rs2.,ajit singh kargone 25600Rs ,3.amjhera grossery 25000 ,and4.3500 Rs registration knss total 90610Rs and rest amount 9390Rs cash deposited to kssh for re pushing for these above projects.The head team of Kssh checked out these projects in feb 2019 ,and fully satisfied .

Except above said amount we never pay him even single rupee,Kssh tried to bring out the details all donation amount which peoples has directly sent him. He gave us the details of Near about 13 lakhs rupees. , h ,further he denied to co operate us .Under law of article25 section d of constitution of Kssh (non cooperation ) kssh has cancelled his membership ,We are not responsible of any amount sent by people directly on his acoount or name.He is no any more link with kssh .for more information please contact us

November 23, 2019 at 11:00:00 PM

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