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KSSH is providing the free education to  the 415  students of sikh Shikligars and Vanjara ,s families  this year 2019-20.The all costs of study includings  books and uniforms  is approxmately 4495550 Rs(57635 Euro) which we have to pay in four instolements.

It is request all kind hearted donators/sponsors to joint us with financial support by sponsor at least one students please.All details of schools are given above in button ,"schools


Kssh started its plan of self employment with sangat ,s co-opperation . Three singhs who  drive the ricksaw by  hiring on rent.Kssh provided them with Ricksaws in 2108.Bhai Gurdial singh  member of kssh  canada  arranged the fund with  amount 1275€ to help in self  employmentt to  Sardar Ajit  singh  Distt kargone   mp with small shop of repair  and other  shops in Amjhera , Kargone,
More self employment.


Village Dhravrhi MP ​
Kssh got the contacts of  Bhai Ranjit singh by Dr Harpreet kaur khurana ,who told us that ranjit singh had two grand son ,one of them was dies with heart .So kssh immediately send 50 thousands ruppee to recover a little boy in Pune hospital

Recently satnam kaur  snawad dist kargone was operated her head surgury  with help of 50,000 Ruppes .And saved two lives her and baby .


Village Bareya MP
Kssh provide the drinking water in seven village ,where the sikh shikligar had no drop of drinking water .In Bareya  devided in four colonies,on hight of hill area.Kssh  establish four water pomp in these colonies.>Now on 7 july2020 new waterpomp with 210000RS installed in Village Umarti Distt Badwani Madhya Pradesh.


Chamkour sahib
kssh also arrange the shelter for those peoples who have no roof on their head.We stood above fimled family who was quite helpless . Kssh copleted this house with two bedroom , bedroom and kichten with lenter.

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