Khalsa sewa society Holland (KSSH) started  education  project of Madhya Pradesh from  the  village  Satwas  with 34 students in 2017.Kssh  expanded its support  in six districts . Satwas and Kalapatha  District Dewas,  Amba  District Kargone,  Sujalpur District Bhopal,Batul District Batul, Bareya District Dhar, Omity Dist Badwani.Kssh upgraded  255 Students  from Govt schools to Private educations academies in  the session 2018-19 .All are step up  with good  grades . kssh  increased  the education  up to 409 students   by involving the  31 students of village Bilwa Tanda Dist Badwani  17 students  Amjhera 13 students of  Bakaneer Distt Dhar ,32 students of  Indore city  ,The running session 2020-21 ,kssh has plan to expand the education field  by involving the students of  Districts Ujjaun, Agar and Shajapur  of madhya pradesh for the families Vanjara,s,Gond and aadvasi,s.

KSSH works for-

1. Study of poor children 2.Arrange drinking water in villages. 3. Provide medical facilities. 4.Build/Repair houses of poor people. 5. Financial help for self employment. 6. Stand with  victims in natural disasters.

The gap between poor and rich is being increased every minute in this world. The poverty can be reduced by the right decision at right time.

Kindly stand with us to fulfill our mission.

It does not matter how much we donate; it matters whether the donation is meaningful. How to define meaningful? Let society and history judge.

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