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Some history

Khalsa sewa society Holland (KSSH) started an education project in Madhya Pradesh from the village  Satwas  with 34 students in 2017. Kssh expanded its support in six districts: Satwas and Kalapatha - district Dewas,  Amba - district Kargone, Sujalpur - district Bhopal, Batul - district Batul, Bareya - district Dhar, and Omity - district Badwani. Kssh upgraded  255 Students  from Government schools to Private education academies in the years 2018-19. All students have gotten better grades because of it. KSSH increased the education up to 409 students in 2019-20. The 2020-21 schoolyear got affected by Covid -19. We agreed with most schools to pay 20% of the pending fees. 

for year 2022 Kssh  collected  donation  of 41911 euro  in india  ruppee was 3562435 Rs from you and invested  amount  40953 euro in rupees 3482705 RS on education  project of madhya pradesh,

kssh earily warned to parent /schools that  the student  who get 70 % marks  and maintained their presence  75% of year 2022-23 ,they get chance to regular   their study, , Due to negligence of parents  or keen interest of  60 students  were expelled.

For running season we have 185 student ,their fees is about 25 laks

we request all donators/supporters to adopt at least one student  with 150 euro per year.



Our mission

If we don't do anything, the poor will stay poor and the rich wil get richer day by day. Poverty can be reduced by the right decision at the right time.
Stand with us to fulfill our mission!


Below, you see some of our main projects



The number one project of Khalsa sewa society Holland is paying school fees for poor students mainly in Madhya Pradesh(India) for a brighter future.
Start with the roots.


On top of the education program, we also help people in need of hospital service, by paying their hospital bills and other stuff.


Khalsa sewa society now also teaches the sacred language Gurmukhi. To sign up just click on the button below! We will notify you when a new term starts and you or your kids can begin learning!



It does not matter how much we donate, it matters whether the donation is meaningful. How to define meaningful? Let society and history judge.


Get in touch with Khalsa sewa society Holland to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Tassopad 2, 3076 WT, Rotterdam, Holland

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