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Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Khalsa sewa society Holland has been existing since 2015. The idea was occurred in its members when the number of Sikh congreations agitated on roads against the burning of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji in Bibbel Kalan, as well as many other places in Punjab(India).
Khalsa sewa society Holland is an organization that works to build a world where anyone can get education, and schools have the right resources to teach any student eager to learn. Our process includes screening students who need funding, looking for schools that are under-equipped and understaffed, and to help students create networks of support. It enables donors worldwide to be a part of changing the world for a better tomorrow. The organization is also striving hard to create more inclusive societies by developing human capital. This requires investing in people through nutrition, health care, quality education, jobs and skills.

It is a registerred organisation under chamber of commerce Rotterdam(South-Holland, the Netherlands) as per
Stichting Khalsa sewa society Holland

Registration number: 69454450

On address: Tasspad 2, 3076 WT, Rotterdam(Netherlands).


For more detail please call one of the numbers appointed at the top of the page. 

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